“I found that the more truthful and vulnerable I was, the more empowering it was for me”

— Anon

Resurrecting this blog like Jesus after that week in the cave

Resurrecting this blog like Jesus after that week in the cave

As those of you who know me in reality know, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting up a blog for years.  

The idea first came up in conversation with my fantastic (and incredibly creative) friend @madeleinemacrae when I gleefully flitted off to Fiji for my pre-university gap yah.

I was 18, it was the first time I’d lived away from home, internet cafes were scarce, still used dial up and mobile phones looked like bricks. Sending lengthily emails every fortnight or so was the best way to stay in touch with people and reassure my parents I hadn’t died in the middle of the Pacific Ocean from tropical boils (for realz).

The feedback I got from people about my antics attempting to “teach” in a primary school, survive on a diet of Oreos (Fijian food is not renowned for taste, or nutrition for that matter), not cry because I got so fat from eating so many Oreos (which the kids delighted in telling me), hitch hiking to remote white sand beaches, battling against the head teacher of my school who used to hide my post and getting so drunk I accidentally got naked in front of a hotel full of pro surfers without remembering…got a lot of positive feedback – I can’t imagine why.

But despite my love of writing, strong opinions on most things, passion for adventuring, meeting new people, musing about life, food, fitness and getting out ‘n about – the lure of booze, boys and the usual twenties wotnot got in the way.

Anyway – turns out that I'm still having interesting adventures in my early thirties and that being single & babyless at 32 means  you have a lot of spare time and energy on your hands. 

So, I'm resurrecting the blog I started a couple of years ago. But this time it's much easier on the eye and really I'm committing to it because...

  1. I love writing - I seriously do. I love writing about business, technology and charity stuff for work. I love writing my friends cards and letters to cheer them up when life is kicking them in the crotch. I love writing plans about what to do next with my life. And having read back on my last 3 lonely blog posts on the old site, I remembered I really love writing personal blog posts.
  2. I need to channel my energy into a passion project - I have a lot of time and energy on my hands at the moment. A lot of my friends are in serious relationships/have families to raise, and that means that life has slowed down considerably. So rather than sit at home dwelling upon this in front of the One Show (you know it's bad when you're choosing to watch the One Show, the lowest of the low...seriously BBC!), this blog shall be the focus of said time and energy.
  3. I want another reason to get into the world exploring stuff - and what better way than knowing you need to keep refreshing a website with new content and pretty pics. There is SO much to see and do in London...and well...everywhere. Sometimes I can be a bit of a recluse (only those closest to me know this) so this will keep me away from that urge...unless I really need quiet time.
  4. I have opinions - probably too many to be honest. Okay almost certainly too many. I am a huge over-sharer and will get involved in conversations about everything. And I know sometimes that it can be very irritating for other people involved. Sorry guys. This blog will be my way of sharing all those thoughts without subjecting people to them in person quite so much.
  5. I am really good at all of the above - I just read back on the aforementioned 4 points and realised they were rather self-depreciating. They do still stand but in the name of self-belief, confidence and positive energy...I am also committing to this blog because I am really good at writing (lots of people have told me so), I am good at channeling my energy & passion into things and getting shit done, I am a fantastic explorer when I put my mind to it (am currently living in San Francisco like a smug bitch) and god-damned I am great at sharing my thoughts.
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