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People living creatively that I admire

People living creatively that I admire

In one of my last posts I was waffling on about choosing to live creatively. The idea that if you want to create something - a dance, a painting, a drawing, a blog, a book, a kids football team - you should. And you should do it for nothing more than the pure pleasure of creation and bringing more pleasure into your own life. 

It's something that I've been testing the waters of myself over the years. With evening courses in drama therapy teaching, weekends spent screen-printing, dry-point etching, yoga-ing, making gifts for friends and now this blog. These are the creative passions in my life that I don't envisage having enough skill to make a career out of but love, and so make time for...just because. 

Anyhoo, while I was reading the book which inspired this last post 'Big Magic', I started thinking about all the inspiring people in my life who might also find this book useful because they too are on their own creative journeys. And then when I started writing these people down, I realised there are actually a hell of a lot of 'em and I wanted to give them a little shout-out for kicking creative ass. 

So in no particular order, these are the people I know in real-life who are living creatively alongside their day jobs that I admire at this moment in time and can link to their work for you to appreciate too...

Sara Lucas - otherwise known as Hello The Mushroom. Sara has been bossing the creative life for years now. She's already established a pretty damn banging lifestyle blog which you can check out in the first link, and has amassed over 10k Instagram followers with her amazing content. Over the last year she's been branching back out into one of her original creative passions - creating art. She's gone from aimlessly doodling in work meetings to painting murals on walls in bars in East London, designing her own stickers to paste whereever she goes and most recently, hosting her own art show. 

Sophie Maliphant - I met Sophie through Air BnB. She was in fact my first ever guest and I must have really hit the jackpot because she's now living with me for the summer and has become a real friend...and official fan of my cat. Sophie is a graphic designer by trade so gets paid to be creative. But not content with creating just for money, after a trip to Nepal a few years ago where she was caught up in the life-shattering earthquake; she wrote, designed and published this fabulous children's book entirely herself, from scratch! to raise money to help rebuild a school there. I've mentioned how great this book is before.

Jessica Enevold - academic, masseuse, artist and intentional creative wonderwoman. I met Jess while living at the naked hippy commune in Big Sur (as so many of you lovingly call it). We bonded immediately because we were both European, loud and inappropriate. After a long career in academia (Jess is highly regarded expert in the social effects of gaming), she's spent the decade of her life upskilling her creative passions. And now runs regular intention creativity sessions at her home, Gefion Art House, in Sweden. We're going to be running some fun creativity sessions together in London over the summer so let me know if you are interesting in coming along.

Kim Edralin - is part of my circle of friends from home. To be precise, she's the sister of my two of my friend's husbands. I immediately knew I liked her because, like me, she is small, feisty, has a tattoo on her wrist and doesn't take crap from nobody...least of all her 2 brothers. Kim is the queen of the passion project. Aside from holding down a full-time job, she is a very talented make-up artist (available for weddings and events), baker (seriously check out her mad skills) and also writes her own blog about living a minimalist life here. I bow to her multi-talented creative skills. Her brothers Maximo Edralin and Anthony are also nailing it with their personal training and bootleg fashion side-lines too...sorry boys, I would have included you properly but I couldn't have this list be an Edralin tribute post. 

Armand David - is technically one of my bosses but also after working together for 8 years on/off now, a friend.  We've a fair few deep & meaningful chats over a drink over the years. His energy for creativity knows no bounds. Despite being on the board of a very sucessful comms agency, having 3 daughters under the age of 6 and commuting god knows how long each way to work every day - he still makes time for his creative passions. These being burgers and marketing tech...obvs he has individual blogs for both which he updates with alarming regularity: Burger Source and via his LinkedIn profile. 

Alice Tassery - is my cousin...well technically her mum is my mum's cousin...but all just refer to each other as cousins because what even is that?!? Alice and her partner manage and promote Riad Yasmine in Marrakech, Morroco. They took over the business a few years ago and their creative passion has pushed it from strength to strength. Not content with just running a hotel, they have pushed their creative boundaries got themselves featured in The Metro, Forbes and Cosmo and are constantly being visited and shared by some serious social influencers. If you are ever planning a trip to Marrakech, you must check their place out. Dribble over their official Instagram page here

There are also numerous other people who deserve a shout-out but as their work isn't public to share I haven't given them their own paras (otherwise I would be here forever and you'd all get bored of reading) so quick mentions to Olivia Simpson (who's been writing screen plays that have been shortlisted by the BBC in competitions), Helen Liang (screen-printer magic), Maddy Macrae (always handmaking peices and creating at home), Jen Ridings (who is now a trained masseuse), Poppy France (who juggles yoga and make-up artist careers) and Laura Edralin (who's been writing children's story books).

In summary - I think all of these people are brilliant and admire their commitment to living creatively hugely! 





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